About Us

Allen Machine Products was founded in 1986 with a vision of producing quality machined and manufactured assemblies for major OEM's. The company's mission still remains finding cost-effective solutions to customers' manufacturing problems. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for our customers, providing turnkey products to meet any assembly need.

Our company is unique in that we provide state of the art machining, sheet metal, welding, assembly, and a multitude of other fabrication processes all under one roof. We are not bound to only one process, which allows us to handle assembly jobs from start to finish. From digital CAD/CAM design work, all the way through to inspection and testing of the final product, Allen Machine Products follows through on every project through every stage of the process.

Allen Machine Products combines state of the art equipment with a highly trained and specialized talent pool that allows us to continually meet and maintain the highest standard of production and quality customer service. Our combined experience of over 100 years working at the most elite levels of our expertise guarantees you the best results for any assembly need you may have.

Our outstanding quality and service has helped us to forge relationships with high-end companies. Our company abilities allow us to service a multitude of industries from the medical world, to transport, food, corporate and shipping. But there is no industry we cannot provide for, and we strive to troubleshoot any obstacles to meet any assembly needs.